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Carson Valley Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin


 I was born and raised in this beautiful Carson Valley ! I always knew I wanted to come back and open a studio after traveling the world teaching. 


After graduating from Douglas, I ended up in Las Vegas where I tried my first Bikram Yoga class! I loved the challenge Bikram’s series gave me. I fell in LOVE. It was everything I needed. I worked and managed lots of studios in Las Vegas, and knew I wanted to teach one day. 


I left in the Spring of 2011 for teacher training in Los Angeles. I spent 2 1/2 months fully immersed in the yoga experience. After becoming certified I began teaching at my home studio in Las Vegas full time. I worked with some incredible senior teachers and mentors there. The community quickly became my family. I will always be so grateful for my experience in Las Vegas. 


After teaching a few years I wanted to travel the world ! I’ve taught everywhere from Thailand to Canada, ending up in India for six months where I taught for Bikram himself 🤍 


I met my husband in Pune, India ( he was also a teacher ) and the rest is history! 


We are back in the Carson Valley raising our three boys. To be able to share my love of this practice with my community is such a blessing. 


Look forward to practicing with you all soon 🤍


I first started practicing yoga in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  Playing ice hockey for 23 years my body had pretty much given up.  At the age of 22, I became a Welder. I did that for 10 years while always wondering if there would ever be a way out of the Welder lifestyle and trade. 

A friend brought me to Bikram Yoga, and my life began to change.  Within 3 months I had my house up for sale, sold my truck, and most of my belongings.  I moved to Vancouver British Columbia, and quit my Union Pipefitter job.  I quickly started to practice at Bikram Yoga Vancouver, and got a job at the front desk. Five months later I went to yoga teacher training.  After training was complete I was teaching at 8 studios in Vancouver.  I then had classes at 8-12 studios in the lower mainland teaching up to 20 classes a week.  I was the guy that would never say no to teaching and could never turn down a class no matter what time it was. To this day I still wish I could teach 20 classes a week.

After teaching for a year in Vancouver I got offered a job teaching in Auckland, NZ. I was in NZ for 6 months teaching at all the studios in Auckland up to 22 classes a week.  I then went back to Vancouver taught for another 3 months then was proposed to teach in Sydney, Australia for at Darlinghurst Bikram yoga. Along my way to Australia I taught in London at BYWimbledon and then onto Prague to teach for the best teacher i have ever had Tereza. I was in Syndey for a year also. I traveled through south east Asia teaching for Rich in Bangkok.  Leading me out of Bangkok I ended up in Pune, India where I met my wife and life time partner Ashlyn. 

I am full of energy with a strong dialogue and definitely entertaining.  In 10 years of teaching I have probably taught over 5000 classes around the world.  I believe in practicing and continuing my education of how I teach.  Im a firm believer in ‘ practice what your preach’. 
I always look for a challenge to make myself better. This yoga has saved my life. 

I’m excited to share this healing practice with this community in the Carson Valley. 

Carson Valley Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin
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