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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Benefits of Yoga

90 Min Original Hot Yoga

Give us 30 days we will change your body 

Give us 60 days we will change your life 

If you have never practiced hot yoga before you will feel comfortable here as a beginner. 

  • Detoxify your Body

    • One of the biggest benefits that you can get from doing a style of hot yoga such as the Bikram Method is that the heat helps to detoxify your body of unwanted toxins and chemicals. 

  • Increase Flexibility 

    • All of the different poses and stretches done safely in the heat, help to increase your flexibility by safely stretching your muscles to make them more mobile. 

  • Low Impact 

    • Hot yoga is great for your joints! Especially if you suffer from weak or painful knees and ankles. 

  • Form of Strength Training 

    • The 26 postures we utilize all work towards making you stronger. Every posture engages your muscles in order to hold certain positions. 

  • Good Cardio Workout 

    • Hot yoga is great for your cardiovascular system! You will notice certain postures will definitely get your heart pumping ! It will help both your heart and your lungs to be stronger and more efficient. 

  • Weight Loss 

    • If you are looking for a low impact way to increase your cardiovascular system and loose weight at the same time you came to the right place ! 

    • A single 90 min session of Hot Yoga can help you burn up to 1000 Calories! 

  • Community 

    • We here at Carson Valley Hot Yoga are dedicated to providing a experience you’ll want to keep coming back for.  We want to provide a magical space for you to come and work on your body and mind. Perhaps one of the best parts about practicing together is that we will have the opportunity to make new friends ! 

  • Better Focus 

    • Hot Yoga will help to increase your focus and concentration! It takes a lot of mental effort to execute and hold some of the more difficult poses. You will really start to become aware of where your mind is, and in turn really learn how to FOCUS on the present moment through the physical practice ! 

  • Stress & Happiness 

    • It’s a general fact that exercise causes your body to release endorphins, chemicals in your brain which have a very positive effect on your mental well-being ! 

  • Healing Old Injuries 

    • The last big benefit of this practice is that it can help reduce the pain of old injuries. Whether it’s old sports injuries, surgeries, bad backs, sore necks, bad knees ect… The heat and stretches  create a safe place to heal and find relief. Allowing your body better circulation, more range of motion. Better sleep cycle, Better digestion. We could go on and on! 

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